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August 4, 2017

Leisure time and 2nd week

Maybe it seems now that there was no time for something else except work. But don't worry we found some free time for us as well. ;) We finished work on Friday a little bit earlier, let´s say 7 pm^^, went home for a shower and met again at an EIA dinner party. It was the perfect stage for some networking since we had not so much time to meet different people during the week. Just a couple of hours later, around 12, we went home, because we knew that we wanted to go to Genova early on the next day. And that’s exactly what we did. ;P

Even if we wanted to sleep longer one day, it was not so hard to wake up and get to the train in the morning. We already knew how to handle with the complicated ticket automat for the train ticket, because we used it already once and we got totally lost and finally missed the train. But on this day, it didn't happen again.^^ So, on our way to Genova we met some other guys from EIA and just made one group out of two. Maybe it wasn't the best decision, because just a short time later we split up again, because some people were interested in sightseeing and others in the beach. xD

Team Austria was in for the beach, cause the last days were pretty tough and we wanted to find some quiet environment for ourselves. However, the other joined us later anyway. We put the speakers on, changed to bath cloth and jumped inside the sea. This day we arrived our hotel late again, we missed the last tram and so we had to call a taxi. So that was basically our Saturday.

Even we went to bed late, on Sunday we woke up pretty early in the morning again, had breakfast together and went immediately to the closest river to cool down. There have already been 28 °C in the morning. Although we wanted to visit the city of Turin we changed our plans because of the weather and stayed at the river the whole day.

After this weekend our batteries were fully charged and we were highly motivated to start the second week. The topic of the days 6-10 was to develop together a design and a first prototype, which you can show on 10th day to customers at the EIA expo in Rome. Basically the talks of the second week were about how to build a MVP and also how you can reach 1000 customers within a week. For us it meant to split the group and two people worked on the functions, which the app should offer and three worked on the marketing campaign to get the users. The time was so short and it was tough to finish all the goals we had to do before the expo. And of course everything changed within those days. So instead of an application we decided to develope a website, where mechanics and user both can use some basic functions. And this prototype we also presented to the people. And to be honest the feedback was really good.

Meanwhile the second week Lukas always used some free minutes to talk with mentors about LAWIF and what feedback and advice they can give us for the next month. And especially feedback from people like Ken Singer, head of Entrepreneurship of UC Berkeley  could be very important for the next steps of LAWIF. So over all the three weeks many pages of feedback have been written by Lukas.


Weekend activities

But let's go back to the expo in Rome.We got there around 70 e-mails from people, who were really interested in the idea and could imagine to use the software on the B2C side. Not just us, also many other startUps did a great job there. This was actually a perfect last day of a very intensive second week of work. But even better was that we have been in Rome and now we had time to explore the city in 24 hours until our train went back to Turin. To be honest we all know that 24 hours are not enough to explore a city like Rome, but we tried to make the best out of it. In Summary: We have been at the Vatican, had no talk with the pope, but however it was still nice there.^^ After our walk through the city we passed some huge monuments and ended up at the colosseum. What an impressive building in the middle of the old historical city of Rome. This was what we did before we left back home to Turin. Sure we also bought some souvenirs and were out for some drinks the night before, but of course the sights we loved the most.

Even we said we want to spend a calm day in Turin on Sunday we did exactly the opposite. We woke up early and went by car to the Alps for hiking. And this decision was worth it. We have been to a mountain close to lake Como. It took us around  one and a half hour to go up and there we enjoyed an incredible few over the many lakes down in the valley. Heated up from the sun we wanted definitely to go to the lake and jump inside the crystal clear water. And damn it was cold but good. xD


The final week

Compared to the second week the last one was not busy at all. The main goal was still to work on marketing strategies, content creation and how to make the perfect pitch. Some templates and given examples helped us a lot with those tasks. And the most important thing was, that Lukas can use all this knowledge for LAWIF, so he started to work next to the project of the EIA on LAWIF. So finally it was a busy week for him. However it was really informative for him too. All the talks to investors and the pitches of all groups showed him a lot how especially people from the US handle with those tasks. The pitches were splitted into 3 rounds and we made it into the second one. Unfortunately we didn't reach the final one.

But this is how it is, we still made those really great experience and learned a lot in this three weeks. And the more important thing is Lukas had fun and made friendships and contacts, especially with people from California, which will be really important for LAWIF in the future.


To sum up, in the name of LAWIF we want to thank Gerold Weisz and the University of Applied Science Upper Austria to make this great experience possible for Lukas. And congratulation to the 10 Teams, who made it into the finals and good luck for your future. And don´t forget:


You always meet twice in life.


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